Transform your teams

Teams have a potential to deliver results no individual could approach on their own. Teams managed well will deliver these results. However managing a diverse team where each individual has different needs for success is an art, not a science that is inexact and messy.

Pondera guides leaders to create the conditions for teams to learn and maximize their cognitive diversity, openly dialogue about undiscussables that are typically avoided, and create clarity about organizational priorities and individual responsibilities. We focus on creating vulnerability based trust where team members feel safe to advocate for the support, resources, and behaviors they need for success.

Our firm is skilled in assessing your team’s makeup and in guiding everyone toward more effective, mutually beneficial behaviors. We engage your people by helping them to know themselves better. Individuals grow their self-awareness by completing the Pondera® Virtual Advisor, have unvarnished discussion with their manager and team about the cognitive differences on the team. Teams self-report their undiscussables and PA facilitates open dialogue about them after sufficient trust has been built.