Why we do what we do

Why We Do What We Do

Animus tibi esse. This is a Latin phrase that is at the core of everything that we do at Pondera and it means “the courage to be you.” We strongly believe that leaders have to know themselves before they can effectively lead others, and our purpose and existence is based on growing leaders for others.

Every leader has unique talents, gifts, and abilities as well as areas where they have an opportunity to grow their abilities. Having courage means taking the time to understand ourselves first and then taking that understanding and learning how to advocate for our needs. If we don’t understand ourselves we can’t advocate for our needs, and if we cannot advocate for our own needs, we cannot advocate for the needs of those we lead. Furthermore, when we understand ourselves we act consistently. When we act consistently those that we lead start to trust us. Once a leader has gained the trust of those they lead and starts advocating for their needs, they then create the conditions for others to succeed and to grow themselves as leaders.