Assessments & Tools

We use a select array of assessments to help our clients with a wide variety of initiatives. Each of our assessments is unique and provides our clients with the ability to

  • Identify strengths, blind spots, opportunities, and threats;
  • Clarify strategic direction; and
  • Sustain changes.

Furthermore, we understand that each of our clients has distinctive needs and that often times, one size does not fit all. Therefore we have the ability to develop customized assessments in order to make sure that we are fully addressing the issues that need to be explored. Please click below for a brief description of our assessments.

Pondera® Virtual Advisor (PVA)

We help companies, teams, and individuals increase effectiveness dramatically by identifying and applying meaningful information about motivation, operating style, and modes of learning. The exclusive Pondera® Virtual Advisor will help you succeed as you

  • Develop high-performance teams
  • Promote and retain high-performing leaders
  • Uncover the talents of your employees and engage them better
  • Define workforce planning needs in the face of expanding or contracting business conditions
  • Create an organizational culture that is strategically aligned and engaged

The assessment measures four reliable indicators of personality and behavior

  • Core temperament How a person’s natural instincts are shown based on her/his core nature
  • Thinking and decision making How a person thinks, processes information, and makes decisions
  • Self-management How a person manages energy and behavior
  • Team interaction How a person interacts with managers, teammates, and others

Our easy-to-use electronic reporting tools give you

  • Insight for hiring, leading, coaching, motivating, and developing individuals or teams
  • Benchmarks developed from your organization’s own archived data, for competency models and employability standards
  • Performance-related variables for comparing individuals across functions
  • Access to your company’s specific assessment results 24/7, via a secure web portal