Identify talent

Identify Talent

Organizations realize that the costs of hiring or promoting the wrong person can be catastrophic for their business, whether in terms of financial hardships, productivity lapses, or effectiveness issues.

Pondera’s experience shows that the success of a candidate cannot be determined solely on how well they interview or on their past work experiences – each organization, each position, and each candidate are unique. Consequently, our firm understands that there are several dynamics affecting whether or not a candidate will be a good fit for a position and we work collaboratively with organizations to help identify which candidate is right for the position and who is likely to enjoy success.

In addition to candidate selection services for new hires and assessment of current employees for promotional opportunities, we can assist our clients with formalized succession planning. Our approach to succession planning lets you feel confident that the right people are moving into the right jobs at the right times, without lapses in leadership.

Succession planning (particularly in family businesses) is critically important. Pondera can help manage tensions and resolve conflicting interests for families, CEOs, and Boards of Directors. We have found that the best and most successful efforts include the active involvement of the organization’s top executives. A solid, well-constructed succession plan is invaluable for most any business.