Grow your leaders

Grow Your Leaders

Organizational performance hinges on one critical element: leadership. Done well, organizations will navigate tough times effectively and seize opportunity when presented. Done poorly, organizations will be plagued by unengaged employees and disloyal customers leading to poor organizational performance.

Pondera knows authentic, servant leadership from current and future leaders is imperative to sustainably achieving an organization’s purpose. Self-awareness and selfless service of others are two essential elements for transformative leadership. We help leaders move from ‘either/or’ decision-making and toward a ‘both/and’ approach. 

Our firm provides an environment where leaders hone the elements of leadership by guiding them through the Path of a Leader. The Path of a Leader begins by an individual having the courage to look at themselves to deepen their self-awareness, which leads to clarifying their individual purpose. By behaving consistently and modeling appropriate behavior a leader establishes trust with others who are then willing to listen to and help execute their vision.

Pondera guides leaders through a reflective process of growing one’s self-awareness. From this facilitated self-analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and blind-spots, clients then make decisions about how they want to be different. We serve as trusted advisors to listen, offer outside perspective, and hold an individual accountable to the commitments they have made.