Farid Fritz

Farid is an accomplished consultant, psychologist, teacher, and leader. Farid is fluent in Spanish and English and has helped business leaders be more effective in cross-cultural communication. He is also skilled in customer service, sales, marketing, training, counseling, and translating.

Farid has worked for multinational firms, including Ford Motor Company, and in academics, hospitality, and retail. He is a skilled consultant/trainer and translator/interpreter, specializing in product knowledge and customer loyalty. Farid’s command of four languages positions him well to provide training and facilitation services in multiple languages and countries, adding another level of service to Pondera’s repertoire.

Farid received a Bachelor of Arts in French with a minor in Spanish at Grand Valley State University. He also holds a Master of Science and a Teaching Certificate in Secondary Education Counseling from Grand Valley State University. Additionally, he has a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Western Michigan University.

Farid currently lives in Miami, Florida, where he is in close proximity to his second home on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Office: 616.956.3410 Cell: 305.332.4603
Email: [email protected]